Strictly Business,
But With Pleasure In Mind!

Strictly Business,
But With Pleasure In Mind!


Our R&D operation brings us to new heights every time. An interesting projects that illuminates our clients. With extensive knowledge on various fileds, merging physical, virtual and mental worlds is a strangth that lets us rub our bellies on every project completed and fills us until the next hunger for new challanges.

Cloud Service

From simple website hosting, to custom servers by custom demands, with backup and security solutions. NetStat is listed as a registered service provider at many companies that are the best in their fields. those registrations keep NetStat close to the sources and enables great opportunities to our clients.

Maintenance and Support

While many projects are set to have a start and a finish. Sometimes, there is a need to provide constant maintenance and support service for a perticular systems, or as part of an ongoing operations environments and demands of our clients.


Startups and business that requires development most of the time finds themselves in need to know their own operational needs. Our consulting services allows clients to have answers to questions they do not know to ask.


We decide to make bold moves with creative branding decisions. Our branding services gives our clients the best stage to present their own uniqueness. They chose us for a reason!

Here are a few spectacular examples of branding projects we have produced for our beloved clients.


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